/The best gaming controllers for the Amazon Fire TV

The best gaming controllers for the Amazon Fire TV

Gaming Controllers for Amazon Fire TV
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Looking to invite friends over for a multiplayer session on your Amazon Fire TV but not sure what controllers are compatible with it? We’ve got you covered. Whether you have a first- or second-generation Fire TV, a 4K Fire TV dongle, or the new Fire TV Cube there is a variety of Bluetooth and wired game controllers worth checking out.

Staff pick

The NES30 Pro should pair with Amazon Fire TV, although you may need to put it into a different pairing mode by holding down power and the A button until the LED pattern blinks three times. 8BitDo makes great Bluetooth controllers and the NES30 Pro is a cross between the NES, SNES and DualShock controllers. It’s a compact wireless controller that also works with Android, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

$43 at Amazon

The SteelSeries Stratus XL is a great controller that works on your Windows PC, Android phone, and Amazon Fire TV. SteelSeries basically took the best features from the DualShock and Xbox 360 controllers and combined them to create the Stratus XL. It connects via Bluetooth and plays for up to 40 hours on two AA batteries. It’s perfectly weighted and has been designed to fit comfortably in your hands for marathon gaming sessions.

$28 at Amazon

The AmazonBasics wired Xbox 360 controller should work flawlessly with the first generation of Amazon Fire TV. Simply plug in the controller to the USB port on the back of your Amazon Fire TV and you’re good to go. With the second generation, you may need to go into settings and ensure that USB debugging is turned off before the system will find the controller. You can connect multiple if you use a USB hub.

$25 at Amazon

Sony’s DualShock 4 Bluetooth Controller is a great option that’s compatible with your Amazon Fire TV. It’s quick to pair — simply go into the Amazon Fire TV’s Bluetooth controller settings, then hold down the Share and PS button on the DualShock controller to start the pairing. The DualShock 4 controller is a surprisingly versatile controller; beyond using it with your PS4 and Amazon Fire TV, it’s also compatible with Windows for PC gaming.

$43 at Amazon

Amazon lists this Mad Catz controller as one of a handful of compatible Bluetooth controllers in the device log, so it should be a safe recommendation. Anyone who played games with an older brother growing up should be quite familiar with the Mad Catz brand. You also get a phone mount for mobile gaming and handy button labels for media controls. Plus, the size is 20% smaller than a regular-sized controller — portable and ideal for young gamers.

$50 at Amazon

Rounding out our list is our budget pick from Nyko, a pretty standard Xbox-style controller that does offer a soft touch finish if you’re into that look and feel. You get a fully wireless controller with a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 25 hours of gaming on a single charge, making this your best bet as a solid budget controller.

$25 at Amazon

Keep gaming on your Amazon Fire TV

It’s tough to tell if Amazon even wants you to game on your Amazon Fire TV, but you sure can with the right accessories. It used to offer an official Amazon Fire Gaming controller, but that’s essentially been discontinued. It’s also seemingly scrubbed any help and how-to articles about pairing Bluetooth controllers from the Fire TV support page, but you should be able to get any of the controllers on our list to pair via Bluetooth. Gamers will always find a way.

Chances are you might already have an older DualShock or Xbox controller kicking around your house to try out, or you could try and seek out a cheaper used version at a local gaming shop. Otherwise, our top recommendation is the 8BitDo NES30 Pro in part because it’s just a really cool design for a controller, but also because of how portable it is and the compatibility with multiple operating systems, meaning you should get good use of it away from your living room, too.

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