/Protect your shiny new OnePlus 7T with a shiny new case

Protect your shiny new OnePlus 7T with a shiny new case

OnePlus 7T Cases
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OnePlus includes a case in the box for the OnePlus 7T, but let’s face it: it’s thin and kind of bland. It’s great to ensure you have protection from the moment you take the case out of the box, but chances are you’ll want to upgrade to a case with a little more style or substance before long. The case market for the 7T is limited at the moment, but here’s a good group of cases to get you started.

Staff pick

Available in four colors — blue, black, gray, and red — this clear case is more robust than the one OnePlus gives you in the box while also drawing attention to that big, beefy camera module on the back.

$11 at Amazon

Stand out even more than the 7T’s color gradient option with these electric purple and hot rod red hardshell cases. If you’re feeling less bold, you can also opt for a more normal white, black, blue, or clear.

$9 at Amazon

In the age of digital payments, you don’t really need to carry a wallet around with you, just a couple of cards and maybe some cash. This wallet case will keep things simple, clean, and thin.

$11 at Amazon

If you aren’t a huge fan of the clear case that OnePlus included with the 7T, Qoosea’s clear case is a flexible, affordable alternative that will let you fully show off the 7T’s natural colors.

$5 at Amazon

If you prefer your cases to be ultra thin, Anccer’s hardshell cases are a lightweight option so long as you don’t constantly swap cases. The color selection is a bit light, but that Gravel Green looks enticing.

$13 at Amazon

This wallet case is a bit thicker than the Simicoo, but it has three card slots plus a money flap so that you can carry more with you while rocking a classic leather wallet look.

$12 at Amazon

Hunting for good cases

Since OnePlus upgrades its models twice as often as most manufacturers, there tend to be fewer cases available for new versions like the 7T. Since OnePlus includes a case in the box to keep you covered until you find something you like, this isn’t quite as big a deal as it would be for a Pixel or Galaxy, but more cases will come around pretty quickly, and we’ll be updating this roundup frequently as we find more great cases.

Of the cases that are available right now, I’ll admit that the Feitenn Transparent Slim Cover calls out to me the most, with colored accents around the camera and robust bumper that remind me of the first hybrid case I ever truly loved on my old Moto X 2013. Ah, memories! The Simicoo Thin Wallet also looks quite cool with its turquoise shade and slim profile, but I know wallet cases are an acquired taste.

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