/OnePlus TV launching in September

OnePlus TV launching in September

The arrival of the first smart TV from OnePlus has been confirmed by Pete Lau who, on the brand’s official forum, announces its arrival in India in September and then in Europe. With this move, OnePlus plunges into the world of smart home hardware.

OnePlus TV: ready for launch

The OnePlus TV will initially be available in India, one of the strongest markets for the brand, but the OnePlus team plans to release it in North America, China and Europe too. Everything will depend on the collaborations that the brand is able to establish with content providers in these countries, the timing of its arrival in wider regions has not been confirmed so far.

The official launch of OnePlus TV in India could take place on September 26, if we take the rumors leaked by Max J. on Twitter at face value:

oneplusTV coming soon
OnePlus TV is ready to debut in India / © OnePlus

Why has OnePlus decided to make a TV?

As Pete Lau explains in his post: “Content is king, which remains one of the major reasons for television’s continued relevance in our lives.” It is, therefore, a market from which it is possible to make a decent profit, even if the competition is fierce. It is no coincidence that Honor and Huawei have also decided to invest in this sector. Pete Lau knows it’s not going to be an easy challenge:

“Launching a TV product is not easy, especially if we had to start this project from scratch. Over the past two years, we have been working relentlessly to make our dreams and vision come true, so the fact that we are finally able to share this product with you all is incredibly meaningful to all of us here […]”

“Thanks to the hard work and “Never Settle” spirit of our team and community, we have built an excellent foundation on which to build the OnePlus TV experience. […]”

“Of course, we know that to deliver the best possible experience we need to provide our users with a truly premium product. In keeping with that belief, you can rest assured that the OnePlus TV will live up to your expectations of what is, without reservations, a new premium flagship.”

Bringing the OnePlus TV onto the market also means meeting the possible needs of the large community of fans that the brand has, as well as looking to the future. The OnePlus TV, which promises good picture and sound quality without sacrificing cutting-edge design, brings the brand closer to the world of IoT, smart home and wider connectivity in general. It’s a step that, from a certain point of view, becomes necessary considering the arrival of the 5G and the evolution of technology and the way we interact with it daily.

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