/Mario Kart Tour is finally here for Android!

Mario Kart Tour is finally here for Android!

Mario Kart Tour has finally been released for Android and iOS. The first-ever iteration of Mario Kart for mobile rolled out for pre-download early this morning, and the game was officially launched at 1 am PT/8 am UTC. However, initial traffic on the servers was so high that users were met with a message advising that they would be put in a queue to log-in. Once through the queueing process, users are asked to sign in with their Nintendo account or to create one for the first time. With that successfully completed, you’ll be assigned your first driver (I got Toad) and taken through a tutorial.

Mario Kart Tour includes some classic features from previous console versions of the game, with tracks, characters, and abilities that will be familiar to many Nintendo players. But there’s also some brand new features for mobile, including special challenges and intuitive touch controls for racing in the absence of a controller.

Mario Kart Tour is free to download on the Play Store. The game includes in-app purchases which will give paying users access to extra content such as new characters. However, you can also sign up for a $4.99 a month subscription-based mode called Gold Pass. Revealed alongside the launch of the game, this service comes with a two-week free trial and allows you to unlock badges, gold items, and the faster 200cc racing mode.

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Letsa go!

Mario Kart Tour

It’s Mario Kart on your phone.

Nintendo continues to roll out the big guns on mobile and Mario Kart Tour is about to be your next big timewaster.

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