/Inexpensive, Almost Free CRM and Accounting Solution

Inexpensive, Almost Free CRM and Accounting Solution

Are you a startup and looking to minimize cost?  Don’t want to spend tons of money before making money?   Looking for an inexpensive, almost free CRM and accounting solution?  These two software as a service platforms provide everything you need from managing your contacts, to invoicing them and bookkeeping.

CRM and accounting solutions on the market are quite costly.  There are open source solutions, but require development or charge an arm and a leg for accounting integration plugins.  The solution below is ideal for the starting business and offers feature rich functionality at an affordable price.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM provides a FREE CRM version for up to 1000 contacts, with extras like appointment scheduling, marketing and sales tools, and seamless easy integration into Quickbooks.   1000 contacts should get any business making some money, and the next package up after that allows for 10k contacts at still an affordable cost.

Agile has everything you need to grow your business – contact management, sales enablement, marketing automation, web analytics, gamification, telephony, 2 way emails, real-time activity alerts, form builders, mobile marketing, drip marketing, email newsletters, social media, extensive plugins and integrations, and so much more!

Paid versions include 10k contacts and up, email integration, telephony, automation tools, advanced marketing tools, advanced support, additional plugins and more.

Quickbooks w Agile CRM Integration

With Quickbooks integration into Agile CRM, you can manage payments and invoices from contact pages within Agile. Prices start at $11.  Create invoices, track and receive payments, and see invoice history from one place. Low cost, easy integration, organized and convenient access, makes this solution appealing for startup businesses.

Agile CRM Integration Quickbooks Pricing

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